SEED, Social-Emotional-Ethical Development

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Consulting and training for whole-person development in:




  • Character Development
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Cultural Education
  • Positive, Transformational and Servant Leadership
  • Service-flourishing oriented philosophy!!!

SEED is the beginning of a beautiful tree and produce fruits.

SEEDs of kindness, love, peace, compassion, honesty, respect, responsibility will produce the fruits the society needs.

Dr. Esper's mission is promoting ethical values education and social-emotional skills fostering flourishing communities and institutions. She has been working training educators, administrators, school leaders, youth, and parents for more the three decades in different countries. She loves to provide professional development and help professionals and parents to develop their skills, strengths, and possibilities to the fullest.




Permanent Courses.


SEED, offers workshops, courses, seminars, and conferences to train school leaders, administrators, teachers, industry collaborators, families, members of organizations, and more in ethical values, moral character, social-emotional learning, whole-person education, leadership and more. We also offer consultations to foster a positive climate and culture where everybody reaches their maximum potential and flourishes.




Build a culture where everyone flourishes.


Helping people to reach their potential and feel self-fulfilled.

Helping organizations to grow.

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 Includes Diploma

 Online, Via ZOOM

Workshop SEED1: School Leadership for Flourishing (School Leaders. Admin, Staff, Teachers, Counselors, Parents, Community Partners).

Workshop SEED2: Project of Life & Social-Emotional Learning

Workshop SEED3: Accomplishing the School Mission in the Classroom

Workshop SEED4: Whole Child Education PK-5th

Workshop SEED5: Whole Child Education 6th - 8th

Workshop SEED6: Whole Child Education 9th-12th

Workshop SEED7:  Whole Child Education (For Parents)

Workshop SEED8: How to Integrate Ethical Core Values when Developing Lesson Plans 

Workshop SEED9: Culturally Responsive Education, SEL & Character Development: Effective Strategies

Workshop SEED10: Effective Educational Leadership towards the Integration of Ethics and Socio-Emotional Learning in Educational Institutions: Better Academics and Positive Environment Results

Workshop SEED11: Whole Child Education toward a Caring, Compassionate and Kinder Society

Workshop SEED12:Leadership toward Morally and Culturally Responsive Education: Educators Integrating Effective Practices

Workshop SEED13:Integrating Whole Child Education across the Subjects

Workshop SEED14:Holistic Education: High Academic Outcomes, Moral Development and Culturally Responsive Education

Workshop SEED15:Education in Ethical Values: A Critical Element for Academic Success and Positive School Climate

Workshop SEED16:How to Integrate Ethical Values across the Subjects in all Grade Levels

Workshop SEED17:Middle School Principal Leadership and Effectiveness

Workshop SEED18:Educators as Social Justice Agents in the Classroom: Integrating Ethical-Social-Emotional Skills

Workshop SEED19:Developing Character for Leadership

Workshop SEED 20:Practiccal Wisdom: Virtues for a Life of Happiness and Humanity

Workshop SEED 21:The Purpose of Life and my Work as Educator/Teacher/Professor

Workshop SEED 22:Education for Love and Peace

Workshop SEED 23:Authenticity of Life and Service

*Conferences, workshops and PD about Human Development for youth, parents, businesses, families, teachers and school leaders about whole-child education since 1988.

Model for Leadership Cultivating Flourishing Communities

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Dr. Ma Del Carmen Esper Jorge (Maricarmen).


Ph. D. in Educational Leadership. Diploma in Family Education. Certificate in School Leadership for Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development. Author of the book “How to Educate with Ethical Values” including a manual to integrate whole-child education in the classroom. She has taught national and international audiences in places such as San Antonio, Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Cal., Argentina, Spain and Mexico.

Her personal and professional passion and mission in life is to work for the whole person education. Her areas of expertise are leadership, ethical values, character education as well as moral development, social-emotional learning and culturally proficient educators. She works offering wellbeing and service-flourishing oriented training to educators, and leaders for a better citizenship and flourishing society.


Who is Who in UTSA, 2018

Best research poster award, Asociation of Moral Education 2018, (47 countries)


                                   MARICARMEN ESPER, Ph. D.